Nifty Mitts is a company that specializes in the personalization of sports gloves. Whether your game is hockey, baseball, lacrosse or any sport requiring protective equipment, Nifty Mitts will add your name, number, or even your own word of inspiration to your gear. Nifty Mitts uses a variety of fonts and colours of your choice, to make your gear truly personal and unique.


Based out of Toronto, Canada, Nifty Mitts began when a few buddies and teammates came together to share their love of sport. Our mission is to give the athlete of any level or age the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a pro by having personalized gear.


Our high-quality, long-lasting product will help give you an edge the next time you step onto the ice, diamond, or field.


Contact us today to personalize your gloves and take your game to the next level.

On our website you'll be able to see examples of our work, our pricing structure and our new Hockey Team Order form. To stay up to date with everything Nifty Mitts, check us out on social media, InstagramFacebook Twitter.

To book Nifty Mitts at an event for on site personlization or to make your own gear unique, contact us today at


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